Corporate Commuting Program

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Experience quality corporate commuting with Zip Limo & Limousine Partners Inc. We are the leading company in corporate transportation and luxury car services around the Burlingame, CA area. Organizations that need a corporate shuttle commuting program will benefit from the unique door-to-door concept behind SF BUSES & Limousine Partners Inc’s Commute-to-Work programs. At specific points, a bus, shuttle, or motor coach will pick up employees and drop them off at the employer’s campus location and vice versa at the end of the workday. Without having to take public transportation or drive to and from work, employees enjoy faster commuting time and a more relaxing experience on the road – a great advantage that will keep personnel happy and attract top talent.

Benefits of Our Corporate Transportation Service

  • Commuter Bus Services

  • LCD Monitors

  • No Parking Fees for Employees

  • Power Ports, To Keep Laptops and Phones Charged in Transit (Employees can prepare and finish work during their commute)

  • Reduced Expenses on Employee’s Vehicle

  • Tax Benefits for the Employee

  • WIFI

Our Corporate Transportation Experience

Our corporate commuting solutions offer significant benefits to both employers and employees. Through our Commute-to-Work program, employers can receive tax benefits and reduce parking spot fees and employees’ personal car expenses. For employees who use public transportation to get to work, the program can help them minimize costs and benefit from a more relaxed and comfortable experience during their daily commute.


With our over 18 years of experience in the transportation industry, we have worked with the biggest names in Tech, Health Care, Entertainment and more. We have experienced professionals ready to help you come up with the best plan and strategy for your shuttle needs. We plan everything from the smallest details to the big picture items; an advantage of using us is the decades of experience and attention to detail.

Corporate Commuter

Commuter Shuttles

Public transportation can be a commuting nightmare, and driving to work through traffic is even worse. Commuter shuttles remove that stress.


Last Mile Shuttles

You have the perfect office space for your company, but you’re just a bit too far from the train or nearest bus stop. Decongest your parking lot with last mile shuttles.


Shared Company Buses

Remove the stress with shuttles, and increase productivity by providing wireless internet access on the trip.

Call Us for Corporate Transportation Needs

Whether you are a small or a multinational company, a university, or a government agency, we will come up with a strategy to help you reduce commute demands. We are here to orchestrate policies and plans that help manage your transportation issues. Call us today for your corporate transportation needs! For inquiries about our contract shuttles and other transportation services for businesses and organizations in the San Francisco Bay area, contact us at 1-866-744-0944


If you’re looking for a great option to help your employees arrive on-time in comfort while being productive, have a look at our point-to-point luxury car services. We pick your employees up at a specified destination and drop them off at your company and vice versa. It’s a great way for employees to avoid public transportation and extra steps to get to work. We currently take around 3k cars off the road a month, joining the growing program.